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Newsedge Newscast stands apart from the other news sites because its mission is not to deliver all the news - just the news that is relevant to you.  Newscast collects the most reliable news sources and then categorizes the news for two very distinct audiences: business and finance.

Newscast for business is where busy professionals turn for current news on their company, competitors and industry developments.

  • Choose from over 400 subject and industry topics in the Newscast Topic Library or easily define your own.
  • Set up email alerts on your schedule to stay informed - even on the go!

Financial professionals need speed and Newscast Finance delivers.

  • Access over 50 real-time newswires and online sources including Dow Jones and Reuters.
  • 120 Trading Impact codes surface the news impacting the markets.

Newscast brings the most comprehensive, relevant collection of news servicing individuals and workgroups in all aspects of business and finance.   Combine relevant content with the Newscast categorization library, real-time availability and alerting tools and you have a high-end news service without the high-end price.


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